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Catholic Writers Guild awards the Seal of Approval to “Reiser’s Ramblings" Book

On July 27, 2011 “Reiser’s Ramblings,” a Catholic Christian spiritual life book by Father Bernard Reiser and illustrated by Mark Sanislo has been awarded the Catholic Writers Guild the Seal of Approval.

About the Seal of Approval

The Catholic Writers Guild (CWG )Seal of Approval (SoA) assures Catholic bookstore owners and readers with an endorsement that the book supports Catholic beliefs and values.

The CWG began the SoA after discussions with Catholic bookstore owners who indicated they often did not have time to fully evaluate books and thus often did not stock books that came from unknown writers or smaller presses.

The SoA is not a critique of a work, but rather an assurance of its "Catholicity" and that neither the work nor its author go against the Mageristerium authority of the Catholic Church. They evaluate for Catholicity, not for writing style or quality. The book is evaluated by three to five members of the SoA Committee, who are members in good standing in the CWG.

Just what are some people saying about Reiser’s Ramblings?

Midwest Book Review July 12, 2011 - A story of a good man with the drive to bring more good through the world, highly recommended!

Janette Fuller July 26, 2011 - Father Reiser Writes With Passion, Conviction and Confidence. Join me on a spiritual journey that is inspiring, illuminating and heartening....I want to emphasize that this is not a book exclusively for those of the Roman Catholic faith. This book is for me and it is for anyone who is seeking a closer personal relationship with Jesus Christ. "Reiser's Ramblings" will make a wonderful addition to your Christian library.

Spiritual Memoirs of a Catholic Priest - These ramblings memoirs are composed of moving, funny, and profound vignettes that blur the line between sermon and a story. Like a homily, father will share a little scripture with a story that helps readers understand that verse and, even more, learn to live it.

Over 2600 books have been sold since its release in June 2010 and all profits from the sale are being used for Haitian relief efforts sponsored by Reiser Relief, Inc. These “Ramblings” are a collection of the best columns written over the past three decades by Fr. Bernard Reiser who takes on everyday topics such as family, kindness, gratitude, prayer, helping others, and staying focused on what’s important in life. Fr. Reiser’s essays are rich in symbolism, wise in understanding of human nature and take your heart on a spiritual journey.

About The Catholic Writers' Guild
The Catholic Writers' Guild is a professional group of writers, artists, editors, illustrators, and allies whose mission is to build a vibrant Catholic literary culture. CWG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All of their funding goes toward educational and promotional programs for Catholic authors and their sharing of Catholic values.

The Catholic Writers Guild Inc.
PO Box 39326
Indianapolis, IN 46239

About the Author
Father Reiser is a "retired" Catholic priest; Reiser brings a seminary degree with a major in theology and 50+ years of ordained experience to his writing. He has volunteered his time to parishes in and around the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Father Bernard Reiser was born in 1924 and was ordained to the priesthood on June 4, 1949. His first was assigned to St. Mary of the Lake parish in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. In 1964, Archbishop Leo Binz asked Father Reiser to start a parish in the quickly-growing Minneapolis suburb of Coon Rapids located in Anoka County

Under Father Reiser’s leadership, Epiphany grew to become one of the largest Catholic communities in the state. In addition to a spacious sanctuary, the Epiphany campus includes an elementary school, a Perpetual Adoration chapel, a senior housing complex, an assisted living facility, a cemetery, and several outdoor shrines.

Reiser Relief Inc. is a volunteer run non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation founded by Father Bernard Reiser, who has been involved with Haiti outreach programs for over 13 years; Bringing Hope To Haiti. Reiser Relief is based in Coon Rapids, MN and its mission is to help the impoverished people of the Caribbean country of Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere

In January 2011 - Fr. Reiser was selected by the local NBC-affiliate station Kare 11, as one of its “Eleven Who Care’ -

Publisher: Reiser Relief Inc. Publication Date: June 2010. Genres: Christian Living › Faith, Spirituality › Inspirational, Catholicism › Self Help. Illustrator: Mark Sanislo ISBN: 978-0-615-36478-0. Paperback: 268pp. Retail Price: $16.95. Editor: Jacqueline Hilgert

“Reiser’s Ramblings” is available online at and Minnesota retail locations : Epiphany Catholic Church Gift Center, Coon Rapids; St. George Catholic Books, Blaine; St. Maximilian Catholic Books, Elk River; Heaven Bound Catholic Books, St. Michael; and St. Nicholas Church, New Market.; Saint Patrick's Guild St. Paul.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Janette Fuller Book Review Reiser's Ramblings

Reiser's Ramblings Book Review - Join me on a spiritual journey that is inspiring, illuminating.

Please check out a very nice book review on Reiser's Ramblings by blogger Janette Fuller: I like how she has captured the some of the spiritual themes and how she was able to put it into words the way Father writes and speaks: “The prose is written in an expressive, emotional and melodious style that is music to the reader’s heart. Father Reiser writes with passion, conviction and confidence.” See the book review at her blog.