Saturday, March 20, 2010

A $10 Donation Can Make a Difference In Haiti

Thank you for your support of Reiser Relief’s mission in helping the people of Haiti and I hope it is ok that I sent this email.

$10 really can make a difference in Haiti. We are asking you to make a difference in the lives of the people in Haiti.

We wanted to let you know that Reiser Relief is in competition for grants ranging from $500 to $2000. We are 1 of 32 small non-profits, nationwide, to be accepted for this contest that runs from March 15 to March 30.

What is needed is “votes” and a vote is a $10 dollar donation for Haiti Relief. The non-profit who has the most votes wins.

Vote HERE for Reiser Relief

See the Leaderboard

The competition is hosted by Razoo, the same company that you used in processing your previous online donation, also Razoo is paying the credit card fess as well.

Razoo calls the fundraiser “March Goodness” and Reiser Relief is in the RazooNIT division. The “Votes” of a unique donor is identified in the Razoo's system by email address, so an email address can only vote once.

##### Your $$10 donation will also be doubled by a $10,000 grant gift given to Reiser Relief for online donation matching, making it $20. ######

See this link for more details on March Goodness.

The greatest area of need in Haiti is Food, Water and Shelter. We are working with other non-profits on getting shipping containers of food to Haiti. We are working with other non-profits for plans on repairing damaged to Terre Promise Primary School, The water trucks are making water deliveries to those in need, tent cities, orphanages, clinics and other areas of Cite Soleil. Earthquake relief efforts are continuing, for we are working on acquiring 500 tents and building supplies to create shelters for the homeless.

Again, thank you in helping us help Haiti

Reiser Relief Inc.
1800 - 111th Avenue NW #320
Coon Rapids, MN 55433 USA
Phone: 763-757-2295

April 27, 2010 Haiti Event Fundraiser –

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