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All profits from book sales  will go to help the people of Haiti through  Reiser’s Relief Inc.

On May 13th 2012 The Eric Hoffer Book Award Committee announced that Father Bernard Reiser’s Spiritual book, “Reiser’s Ramblings” has earned an Honorable Mention in the 2012 Eric Hoffer Book Award Contest. 

Reiser's Ramblings Book
As quoted from The U.S. Review of Books website May 13th 2012: “Reiser's Ramblings”, - A collection of weekly newsletter columns from the former pastor of the rural Epiphany Parish in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, this book is a mixture of humorous, sad, nostalgic, and inspirational pieces. By turns thoughtful, provocative, or just plain funny, it is the kind of book one can sample, read and reread, or share stories from with family and friends. It is nicely illustrated with black and white photos and drawings. The columns are short, but memorable, and always provide something to think about or learn from. Never stuffy or preachy, Reiser has created an enjoyable reflection of life.”

In honor of Fr. Reiser's ordination anniversary of June 4th 1949 the special Kindle ebook price is $4Buy Now Reiser's Ramblings on Kindle

Excerpts of reviewer comments:
Each column is titled and short. So we end up with a lovely book of short, easily read reminiscences and edifying stories and thoughts. If I could offer some advice for those of you that decide to pick up this book it would be this: don't read it all at once. There is so much packed into these few pages that it requires the reader to ponder the message and meaning in each column and how, or if, it applies to each individual life. 

Father Reiser Writes With Passion, Conviction and Confidence… I would like to invite you to join me on a spiritual journey that is inspiring, illuminating and heartening.

Father Reiser uses everyday happenings and pairs it to life learning lessons, something so simple and easy to do you can apply it to your everyday life. I have enjoyed reading a lesson a day, and trying to implement that lesson into the day or week. I have found this book inspirational and enjoyable to read.

This is an amazing book written by an amazing man. Fr. Resier is devoted to the children of God, be they poor Haitians, widows, the sick or the lonely. He gave his heart to God as a young priest, placed all of his faith in Him, served all God's people no matter how they looked, how much money they had, what religion they were or how sinful they had become. His love for his fellow man is without compare except to Christ alone.

There is something in this book for everyone, whether you be Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal or if you are not a Christian there may be one little column, one paragraph that will touch you in such a way that yes you will turn your life around and over to God.

Reiser’s Ramblings is a delightful book written by a priest who clearly exhibits the joy, peace, love, thankfulness, and generosity of Christ.  I’d have to say “ramblings” is sort of a misnomer.  I found each briefreflection on daily life,faith, gratitude, and everything from farm living to an eternity in Heaven to be thought-provoking and poignant. 

 I enjoyed each story, lesson, and faith/ministry reference included.  The writing style is comfortably conversational.  I can easily imagine Fr. Reiser writing these cheerful pieces during his evening ritual involving a huge bowl of ice cream and some quiet time to jot down his thoughts.   

It’s refreshing to find someone who has experienced so much in his life, yet still gets wrapped up in the joy, wonder, and appreciation which God’s Creation truly deserves.  Fr. Reiser’s undeniable awe and gratefulness for the simple things in life are as endearing as his notes about the extreme poverty and suffering in Haiti are heart wrenching.  

Midwest Book Review July 12, 2011 -A story of a good man with the drive to bring more good through the world, highly recommended!

"Where there is a need for faith, he met that need. "Reiser's Ramblings: A Collection of Columns by the Founding Pastor of Epiphany Parish in Coon Rapids, Minnesota" is a collection of thoughts from Bernard Reiser as he recollects his own journey forward, founding a parish in a growing Minnesota town and traveling the world to spread goodwill and faith to those around the world. Working with victims of poverty and disaster in Haiti, "Reiser's Ramblings" is a story of a good man with the drive to bring more good through the world, highly recommended"

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