Sunday, October 28, 2012

Haiti Day 6: Joy filled day!

How much better joy feels following days of such trying times!  Grace Village, in a beautiful setting overlooking the city and the ocean, personifies such joy.  The buildings are spacious and colorfully painted and surround a children's  jungle gym and basketball court and space to play. Today we helped bathe and feed the elderly.  We witnessed a clinic being built on the grounds. And we got a glimpse of a hopeful future with brick ovens for bread making and a Tilapia farm. In the near future they will bake bread and harvest fish for themselves and their community, with enough leftover to sell.  

After dinner and sharing some thoughts on the day, many of us were privileged to be taught the Salsa.  Jean could be called the Fred Astaire of the Caribbean, and he's an even better teacher with endless patience for left feet! We danced and we danced.  After a little rum we danced some more!  And what was particularly special (and surreal being in Haiti) is that we were able to share it with home via FaceTime on the iPad...although my son James will deny it I'm sure!  To bed late with big smiles.


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