Thursday, October 25, 2012

Michelle's Word of the day...Redirecting

....'.You can make your Plans but God has All the Answers!'
Ironically one of the things that drew me back to Haiti was the way people live in the moment here yet I found myself and other team members continuing to say "What are Our plans for today?!?"
   Today we were blest with the needed reminder that God was in charge of what we were going to do! Our plans to go deliver supplies to Reiser Heights, a mountain village school, were diverted by roads washed out by the torrential rains.

   God was clearly "ReDirecting" us to where HE needed us to go! His plan led us to an orphanage with puddles there were no way around. They welcomed our unexpected visit saying we have nothing to offer you but our prayers & song.  We enjoyed a creative craft time with pipe cleaners and beads which turned into colorful eyeglasses, bracelets, necklaces and headbands.

  Along the road leading away from the orphanage lived several of the village elders who we had planned to see when we helped them shower before their doctor visit at Grace Village on Saturday. Again God planned for us to check on them today. Marie greeted us with her 103 year old nearly toothless smile, expressing  gratitude for an unexpected visit. She had not slept because of the water coming through her leaking roof.

We gave her the Tarp from our taptap bus along with some bottled water and a fruit roll-up...she said our visit "saved her life"! A couple other stops for elders were met with the same gratitude.

  When we got back "home" the rain slowed down so we were able to bring some Feed My Starving Children food into the tent city near us. You could see the desperation on the faces of people of the people who hurried back to their tarp houses, set up on uneven ground that was washing away from all the rain, in hopes of receiving a bag of food. Our team's excitement to bring needed relief was quickly replaced by a flood of emotions as we held the last bag of food in our hands as many hands still needing reached from their tent homes.

  Yes...God had much to teach us today about who was in control!

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