Friday, October 26, 2012

Mwen pa konnen!

It was a truly excellent day!  We visited the Village of Jesus in Leogane, Fr. Reiser's first major project in Haiti.  This is home to 27 delightful elderly women who would otherwise be abandoned and on their own.  Their joy is contagious.  Their spirits are uplifting.   I was absolutely overwhelmed when I walked into the feeding center and saw their 27 beaming faces.  

One petite lively woman got us all dancing and singing.  When I asked her how old she was, she broke into a huge grin and said "Mwen pa konnen!"  Translation:  I don't know!    Can you imagine not knowing your age, and not finding it important?  How liberating.

The nuns and workers who care for these women are efficient and loving, and the whole place was immaculate.  The donors who gave to this project over 10 years ago can be assured that their generosity is making a significant impact.

This afternoon we returned to the home for sick and dying babies to lend a hand in holding and comforting the little ones.  It was a perfect ending to an excellent day.

p.s.  It's still raining.

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