Thursday, October 25, 2012


I've had a water day, please let me explain.  I started reflecting about the water from my cold shower.  Then the thought of how lucky I am to take a shower in Haiti- where some people never get the opportunity to shower.

Last night we went to sleep last night while it was raining outside.  Well, it was more than rain.. it was tropical storm Sandy.  We woke up to rain again.  Our wonderful leaders, Shelley and Joyce, had to replan our day since the road was not accessible to our original plan. At that point I really didn't understand what the problem was but within the hour I realized how challenging our day would be due to the storm.  We departed in our top top and I was lucky to sit in front and see the view. The water was so high and rushing down the sides of the street.  It had been raining for over 24 hours now and when the roads are mud/sand and filled with garbage there is no place for the excess water to go. We then made it to a bridge that was only a few feet above the river.  We headed over it like no problem but now looking back, I realize we were the only vehicle to cross it during our 15 minutes there.  Going through the towns I started to see how high the water was.. it was half way up the tents and shacks.  It almost covered a truck!  I then thought about how the people of Haiti, standing on the side of the road, still waved to me even though they probably lost most of their belongings.  The thought of losing all my things in my house is too much to comprehend.  I'm sure they had worked very hard since the last storm for their new belongings. How lucky am I to have never lost anything in a storm.

We then made it to the orphanage where the kids were so happy happy to see us.  I got to pass out candy and was amazed by how the kids would not accept two peices until everyone had at least one.  We then made a few more stops to elderly people to ensure they were dry from all the new rain (they were :)).  
On our way home we ran into a roadblock.. the bridge was under water.  I thought how lucky we were to have made it passed the bridge two hours before. 

As we got back to the guesthouse using a detour we then dropped off food from Feed My Starving Children to nearby tents.  I happened to pick a section that was very orderly and everyone was very appreciative and even showed me inside their tents.  It was another sight of water.  Water on the floor of their "home" with some bricks to hold up a mattress.    

The evening is now ending after some team member bonding (catchphrase) to more pouring rain.  
I appreciate water.   We were able to see water in many ways in 4 days-- how it gives life (water truck delivery) but how it can take it all away.
Lisa  (p.s.  it's still raining out)

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