Saturday, October 27, 2012

Michelle's Word of the Day...."Renewed"

   This morning we were greeted by sunshine & blue skies which Renewed our spirits after 3 long days of rain.
   As we drove to Grace Village, in  Titanyen, the flooded bridge which closed the road just days before, was open again. The water had receeded and the people had their freshly laundered clothes hanging on clotheslines, over fences & from bushes. They were setting up their markets again with Renewed hope.
   Our mission at Grace Village was to help the elders with showers who had come to be seen by the doctor. Many had never taken a shower prior to the elder care program. They soaked in the attention and loved to give hugs & sing songs of praise, accompanied by our driver, Junior's guitar while they waited.
  The children who live at the orphanage at Grace village, helped serve the elders a sandwich & juice. It was beautiful to see the spectrum of ages gathered together.
   Multiple trips, with the elders loaded in the back of the Kubota and when all were returned safely
 to their Tarp homes, we set off to the village to attend to  several homebound elders. It was evident that the fresh water & a snack along with songs & prayers, did wonders with both their bodies and spirits being Renewed. They are a people with amazing Faith & Trust in God's providence.
   It was a reminder to me that I must Not let my own Faith become complacent! I need to Listen and  be sure that both my body & spirit be Renewed.

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