Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Michelle's Word of the day.."HOLD"

                         Haiti has a way of grabbing "Hold" of your Heart!
   Our morning began at a "Sunrise" Worship service under overcast skies & drizzle but it did not dampen the Spirits of the Faith -filled Haitian people who so openly welcomed us and grabbed Hold of our hands as they sang songs of praise.
  After a hearty Haiti breakfast we spent the morning at a Childrens home for sick & dying. Cribs and toddler rooms were filled with children whose eyes and arms reached out saying "Hold" me!
   We came back to our guest house for some needed time of decompression before we set out for our afternoon. 2 of our team members went to help at a wound clinic and the other 9 of us headed for one of the few orphanages that takes in disabled children. Again we were greeted with smiling children who longed to be held and played with as they would take "Hold" of your  hand and lead you to the swings, the special hand peddled tricycles or to the end of the jumprope.
  Holding was the easy part of the day....Letting go was Heartwrenching!

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