Friday, October 26, 2012

Michelle's Word of the Day....Touch

  Today we traveled to Leogane which was the epicenter of the Earthquake of 2010. We visited the Village of Jesus where Fr Reiser helped support a home for abandoned women. It was a privilege to be with some of Father Reiser's nieces as they saw the place and the people who were dear to his heart.

They met several nuns, who run the home, who actually knew and loved Fr. Reiser.They had a picture of him in their entry hall and a beautiful tribute plaque in their courtyard.

   Our team spent some special time of sharing candy we had broughtfor them. Their thirsty skin soaked in our gentle Touch as we massaged their hands,arms,legs & feet with lotion.

We were Touched by the gratitude in their smiles which sparkled as brightly as their freshly painted pink, purple, red & green fingernails & for some their toes too! Their songs & for one lady nearly nonstop dancing.

(see video on the is priceless! ) were further ways we were touched by their appreciation.

  In the afternoon we felt further evidence of the power of Touch as we were able to go back to visit the home for sick children in Prot Au Prince and witness the response as children melted into our arms& hearts upon Touch!

  Don't ever underestimate the amazing power of a simple, loving Touch!

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