Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mold Me

My closing thoughts on our week in Haiti...   

On a personal level, Haiti once again touched my heart in a nearly indescribable way.  Our team was blessed with talented bloggers who witnessed beautifully to the personal transformation inherent in mission work.  And we were blessed with outstanding photographers who captured with great skill the plight and joy of Haiti.

As a team leader I was able to experience Haiti through the eyes of our team members.  What an honor it is to see God changing hearts and converting souls.  And how beautiful it is to see friendships formed and strengthened, both between our team members and with our Haitian brothers and sisters.

As a Reiser Relief representative I did my best to remain open to what God was putting in our path this week.  What cries did he want us to hear?  What devastation did he want us to see?    What hands did he want us to hold?    

It was fitting to end our week in the mountains at Reiser Heights school.  Education gives us hope in a brighter future for Haiti; that through their own potential, brought to life by education and opportunity, Haiti will build back better.  I was able, with the help of a wonderful interpreter, to better understand the needs of Reiser Heights and how we can better support the 380 children who receive an education there.  

Thank you, God, for allowing me to listen.  Help me, God, to hear what you want me to hear.  Mold me, and Reiser Relief, and use us for Your Glory.

God bless Haiti.

Joyce - see below a 9 video playlist of our trip

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