Monday, October 22, 2012

sibling rivalry

As loving sisters traveling together we may never be able to agree on a title for our here goes day one.
  When flying into Haiti we saw beautiful green mountains and blue waters.  It looked so picturesque.  As we got closer the reality of where we were set in with views of shacks and homes made of scrap metal.  The airport was very hectic and we won't lie - it was scary for the first few minutes.  Then our leader, Shelley, came to the rescue.
The ride to the guesthouse was in a colorful "tap tap".  It was our first time riding in a caged van but the smiles and waves we got from the Haitian people made us feel very welcomed.  We then settled in the guesthouse and took a walk around the block.  Immediately children flocked to us and told us their names and wanted to hold our hands.  It did feel a little awkward that they were so happy to see us, even though they had no idea who we were.  Each volunteer had at least one each kid on each side, just happy to be walking the block with us.
We then came back to the guesthouse for awesome taco salad and maybe the best guacamole ever.  We are now arranging all the wonderful donations we have gotten.  It will surely be a great but humbling week.  
Lisa & Kimmy Maciej

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