Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nature speaks to the power of God

I read my favorite 'ramblings' from the book "Reiser's Ramblings" to the team every night.  This book is a collection of columns by my uncle, Fr. Reiser.  Somehow, (even from his Heavenly home) Fr. Reiser comes up with the perfect words every night to start off our group discussion time.  Tonight I read "Nature speaks to the power of God" in which Fr. Reiser reflects on God's mighty power as displayed in acts of nature.  This reminds us who is really in charge and how "it is rather amusing how we strut and glory over the little ant hills we erect in our brief passage of earthly journeying."

God was in charge today!  Our plans to visit Reiser Heights, one of two schools supported by Reiser Relief, were washed away by torrential rains.  Our back up plans to visit Grace Village were dashed by a rushing river threatening to overtake a bridge.  Instead, God sent us on a series of mad cap adventures; an orphanage, homes of elderly, Ecko Depot, Deli Mart and distributing Feed My Starving Children food packets in a tent city.  All while getting steadily more water logged and interspersed with many moments of laughter and joy.  Surely God has a terrific sense of humor.

What is God trying to teach me in all of this?  Humility?   Patience?   Compassion?  Justice?  Tenderness?

Teach me.  I want to learn.


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