Sunday, October 28, 2012

Michelle's Word of the Day...Change

   Our morning started out with a Change of plans from attending Mass at Missionaries of Charity becuse the service was moved to then walking to a tent service that could be found purely by sound.
  We then loaded into our TapTap bus for a 2hour bumpy, winding road up to Reiser Heights, a school supported by Reiser Relief, located in the farm village of Les Pinnese. It was incredible to watch our surroundings Change from the noise & chaos of the city to beautiful lush green rolling hills with hibiscus blooms hanging over the rocky, dirt road/path. There were times when we actually seemed to be above the clouds and actually in them as the fog clouds would suddenly Change the stunning view from the mountaintop .
   Seeing the exchange between the schoolmaster who knew & loved Fr. Reiser as he met 4 of Father's nieces was priceless!
   Although we weren't able to see the school in action since it was Sunday, it was clear to see what they saw as their "needs" was quite different from what we judged to be their "needs"! The school has no electricity, flushing toilets or running water, computers or internet access. All they said they "needed" would be continued support for teachers and fabric to make school uniforms and some simple school supplies.
    Listening to their list of what they "needed" was a good reminder to me that we must respectfully listen to their needs and Not try to Change who they are or their culture by trying to impose what we think they Need Changed.

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